Tania Amaral Dance Instructor Mozambique

About Tânia Amaral

Born and raised in Mozambique (South East Africa), Tania is a dancer, teacher, researcher for dances & culture from Africa, cultural activist, curious, traveler and enthusiastic person. She was also for a decade a Pharmacist, which she gave up to become a full-time dancer and researcher for dances from Africa. She has already lived in Portugal, Cape Verde (West Africa) and now Canada.

She works full time in this dance concept/ style called Afro Fusion Sharqi Dance that she created in 2015 when she was still living in Mozambique. A fusion dance style between different elements of the dance culture of Africa (from folklore to traditional and urban). This dance brings together the dance elements of Africa (from North to South, East to West and Central). This is about creating bridges that connect Africa’s diversity. It is about unification. Since she moved to Canada, she has been teaching and performing Afro Fusion Sharqi Dance in many different places around British Columbia (Vancouver, Nelson, Nanaimo, Kelowna, and Lillooet) but also outside of BC, as in Montreal and even USA (Portland, Las Vegas, Seattle).

She completed her studies at Datura Dance School in Portland (USA) and become the first Mozambican and African to become a Certified Datura Dance Style Teacher by Rachel Brice. She also completed with success an Introduction to Laban Movement Studies with Helen Walkley. She also started her studies to become a Dance Certify Teacher by IDTS (International Dance Teaching Standard’s Program). In 2021, she became a member of the International Dance Council CID by UNESCO.

In April 2019 the dance concept Afro Fusion Sharqi Dance was officially patented pending and in 2020 become a Trade Marketing. She is now finishing AFSD Manual in English so students around the world can embrace this new dance style. All the details regarding what this dance form is entails, the mission, vision & aspirations and values & principles are possible to be found on her website www.pynksyshell.com

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