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About Lori Sorenson

Lori Sorensen has a history of varied work experiences ranging from restaurant management, art gallery attendant, to technical work op position in Ceramics. Lori teaches children’s art classes and practices art making on a daily basis. She has a BA in Theatre and Physical Education from VIU, (2010), a BFA from ECUAD (2010), and a MEDL from VIU (2016). A perennial student, Lori is currently studying Earth Sciences, Creative Writing and Sculpture at VIU.

Lori has a keen interest in the environment and the health of the Earth. Involvement in community is very important to her as a means of contributing to society and as an artist. She is nurturing and loves; children, dancing, music, gardening, cooking, theatre and carpentry, among other things. Extremely family oriented she believes that creativity needs to be part of daily routine to encourage well-being. She is passionate about the great outdoors, and when she is not too busy creating, or working, she thrives on spending time peacefully enjoying nature.

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