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Lindsay grew up on a small family farm in a rural town outside of Victoria, BC caring for animals and running a chicken egg business.  Lindsay taught herself to play the guitar at a young age, and started writing environmental activist songs at the age of 10, with her first performance at a youth environmental conference in Victoria.  Stemming from this experience, she developed a life-long passion for composing music.  After working with a music producer in Victoria, she has now moved on to produce her own music under the stage name of Zylah.

Lindsay has a biology degree from UVic where she played for their soccer team for 5 years.  She has spent time in various jobs such as tree planting, fire fighting for BC Wildfire, piloting drones for disaster management efforts, and currently is working as a registered nurse, at Nanaimo General Hospital, after completing a nursing degree at UBC. Lindsay has a varied appreciation for dance and has even taught herself to pole dance where she can express herself through acrobatic dance movements.

Lindsay lives on an acreage in Cedar where she spends her spare time gardening, exploring with her dog, and enjoying the peaceful forest.

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