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About Dorothy Dittrich

Dorothy Dittrich is a playwright, musical director, sound designer and composer. She has been working and playing in the Vancouver Theatre community for a number of years now. Dorothy has won Jessie Richardson Awards for her plays and musicals as well as nominations for her sound design. She is a recipient of the Sydney J. Risk award for emerging writer and her most recent play “The Piano Teacher” was an Arts Club Silver Commission as well as the recipient of the Outstanding Original Script Award. It has been published by Talon books and will be released this spring.

Ms Dittrich’s love of theatre and music has found her involved with dance as both a musician and composer. In fact, Dorothy’s first job as a musician, was playing for ballet classes every Saturday – and she loved it.

Becoming a board member for Crimson Dance is exciting and holds a feeling of returning to dance in a very new way. What a wonderful opportunity to learn and to be part of the community and this company.

A lover of nature and good long walks, Dorothy is already absolutely smitten with this beautiful city. Ms Dittrich is a graduate of SFU’s Masters of Liberal Arts Program.


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