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Daryl Collerman

Daryl Collerman is passionate and highly enthusiastic about Dance, the Performing Arts, and Crimson Coast Dance Society (CCDS). Daryl’s interest in dance, and dance moves, spawned in the ninety’s on the famous Commadore Ballroom Dance Floor in Vancouver, BC and since then Daryl has continued to take every opportunity to dance, and be involved in dance. On a vacation in 2011, the universe lined Daryl up with a CCSD Fundraiser and the rest is history. Since relocating to Nanaimo in 2014, Daryl has diligently supported CCSD as a core Volunteer, and Board Member, in various roles. By day; Daryl is a Consulting Mechanical, Electrical, and HVAC Engineer. By night and on the weekends you can sometimes see Daryl, performing amateur dance routines on the streets, and waterfront, of Downtown Nanaimo.

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