Performing Live

Performing Live
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Suspended in a welcoming journey of connectedness.
The gentleness was warm and calm.
Yet I felt conflicted: a heavy sadness, tangled and emotional.
Separate but together.
Cozy began to feel contained and confined.
The light was gentle, peaceful, steady in expansion, carefully welcoming.
The journey so bittersweet; free to expand and discover while gravity held me in a weighted sadness.
Intentionally quiet I surrender to the light; free and connected, ready to evolve.

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Poem by Nicola Jackson
from her experience performing in Threading Side by Side/ Together (workshop & film)

mix-media Kimono Path • by Geneviève Johnson

As part of Kimono Path: Threading Side by Side
– the “dance-film-installation” I am creating
for InFrinGinG Dance Festival 2021 –
my plan was to perform live:
interacting within and with the installation and the film…

my body does not yet allow me to perform a whole 15-20 minutes at once…
Bursts of short dance sequences are the only option life is offering me right now.

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My tender lips offer
To carry your burden
Share your grief
Drink your tears
Dance Spirits Free
Taste the joy of Sun
Wind blows us as one
Mother Earth claims all our bones

Poem by lolly b
from her experience performing in Threading Side by Side/ Together (workshop & film)

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Performing Life

That is why movement editing for the screen is best suited for me at the moment.
I did perform but in short sequences, resting in between
and put it together on the screen as what could have been live…

Sometimes, we have to follow
what life is willing to offer in the moment;
building up hope for later.

Stills from Side by Side /Together Apart by Geneviève Johnson

The film-performance stems from
dance and movement explorations
I did through out my two years of

  • pain,
  • finding that I had osteoarthritis,
  • waiting for and getting surgery,
  • as well as the whole recovery process not yet done…

If you watch any video in past blogs
you will recognize their shadows through out this film-performance.
Sequences from:

  • nested lean and rise,
  • farewell to my broken body,
  • starburst and scar: micro dance of healing
  • to hip breathing and encapsulated…

As a way to summarize this Artist Blog experience
and establish where I am re-starting from as an artist,
I am sharing here a short version of the film-performance (Side by Side/Together Apart)
with the original music composition created and performed by Guillaume Nagy

꧁WeDeCaVJ #G꧂

For the première of the film-installation Kimono Path: Threading Side by Side
this film-performance and the soundscape are re-edited differently in order to cohabitate
with the displayed kimono path and 17-minute poetic film created from the 4 workshops (Threading Side by Side / Together).

July 10 at 10pm
at the German Hall – $15
(outdoor field)
71 Caledonia Avenue, Nanaimo

Life & Performance

Moving “functionally” for everyday life
is now pretty good,
Dancing is not there yet.

I had expected quicker dance recovery
and much more mobility by now.
This overflows me with frustration and fear…

To calm down,
I have to remind myself what my husband keeps
on telling me since the beginning of all this:
“You’re not a patient patient, Geneviève:
Give it time.

In these moments,
I know that I have to let go
and trust in the present moment.

Poems by Renée Poisson from her experience performing in Threading Side by Side / Together Apart (workshop & film)

On this last blog,
I hope to connect with you again soon
in person or online

  • a blog
  • a live performance
  • a film presentation
  • a workshop
  • an email
  • over a coffee…

Keep dancing and moving… as movement is life.

Giron Sami Teahter

The Sámi People’s Theater, Giron Sámi Teáhter