One-On-One Workshop Invitation

One-On-One Workshop Invitation

This week’s blog is an invitation.
Invitation to dance with me through a private class
and being part of a short poetic film to be presented
at InFrinGinG Dance Festival in Nanaimo this summer.


I am inviting 3 to 5 people (artists, movers, art or dance enthusiasts) to participate in a private one-on-one Butoh and Landscape Under Skin Theatre workshop exploring connectedness through interweaving with each other and the environment.

Kimono Path created by Marcelle Moisan and Geneviève Johnson (expanded by the community) on which you will attach your crafted piece


Before the day of our encounter (outdoor),
you will prepare a needle craft piece (about 12” square)

  • knit,
  • crochet,
  • embroidery,
  • painted fabric,
  • even a small piece of meaningful clothing, fabric, plush toy…

created or selected with a specific thought, wish, or desire in mind.
As if weaving your very personal meaningful story with it.

Nested: Lean & Rise • by Geneviève Johnson | Kimono Path created by Marcelle Moisan and Geneviève Johnson (expanded by the community)

You will also be invited to explore on your own, a few movement exercises
that I will put on the blog before your workshop.

You can explore the Kimono Walk improvisation below as part of the preparation…

For this exploration, you can use a long trenchcoat or jacket instead of a kimono.


During this filmed one-time session,
(organized at your convenience before June 24)
we will talk about your craft piece
as you stitch it to the long patchwork kimono
representing our paths: past, present and future.

A metaphorical path on which you can move forward and grow,
supported by the threads you created with your community.

Then I will direct you through movement improvisations and exercises,
alone and with me,
around and with the kimono path,
using mental imagery work.

Samantha Letourneau and Geneviève Johnson in Kimono Path Explorations

Footage from these individual encounters
will be intertwined to create a “poem in motion” film
that will be presented at the Crimson Coast Dance Society InFrinGinG Dance Festival 2021.


Due to limited capacity, I will field interest
through your response to questions below.


  1. What is your relationship to movement?
  2. Please share a favourite poem, quote, proverb, piece of text, word/s, that inspire you.
  3. What do you first feel in your body when asked to arrive with an intentionally crafted square?
  4. What do you imagine it will be like when you leave the encounter, and your square.
  5. What do you think about the ongoingness of the project?

Submit your answers by May 30th at 5pm using the form below, or send your document to

    Giron Sami Teahter

    The Sámi People’s Theater, Giron Sámi Teáhter