Traditional Future Fernando Anuang’a
Photo of Fernando Anuang'a on stage, walking forward

Traditional Future by Fernando Anuang’a (Kenya)
Contemporary Dance Rooted in Maasai Dance and Music Traditions

Thursday, February 2nd
7:30pm, Port Theatre
Tickets: $38
Students and Seniors: $25

Création : Akili studio/ Wayne McGregor Artist Choreographer : ANUANG’A Fernando Music : Maasaï Vocals & modern Composition Production : Pierre Cardin Duration : 45 Minutes

How to evolve Tradition towards the Modernity without obliterating his tracks, without betraying his roots?

Anuang’A, atypical and self taught dancer/choreographer (autodidact) is supported and inspired by the Maasai songs, ancestral memory, and voca rhythmic power “essential motor” for his gesture.

An initiatory path with a will to take tradition to the future, the dancer research a way for the Maasaï dance to live fully its era.

Anuang’a feels the limit of the vertical energy in the Maasaï jump “cliche touristic” and at the same time evolves the Maasaï undulation gesture from the ancestral age in a amazing way.

For his third solo “Traditional Future”, loyal to the Moran, young warrior, village land as a symbolic roots, Anuang’a finds a deeper energy, and a more liberating expression.

Video clip:

Watch for Fernando’s Maasai Dance Workshops!

Discover a new way of movement related to breathing rhythmic patterns.
Maasai dance focuses on Breath and Undulating Torso Movements, and traditional Maasai body-wave releases Tension, and produces overall wellness.

The class is open to all.

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