POSTPONED – Traditional Future

Photo of Fernando Anuang'a on stage, walking forward
Celebrating Black History Month
Traditional Future Fernando Anuang’a

Due to circumstances beyond our control this program has been postponed. We are anticipating a March or July return.

(ORIGINAL DATE) Thursday, February 2nd
Traditional Future by Fernando Anuang’a (Kenya)
Contemporary Dance Rooted in Maasai Dance and Music Traditions

Port Theatre, 7:30pm
Tickets: $38
Students and Seniors: $20

Création: Akili studio/ Wayne McGregor

Artist Choreographer: ANUANG’A Fernando

Music: Maasaï Vocals & Modern Composition Production : Pierre Cardin

Opening with a Snuneymuxw welcome and presentation by Fernando’s residency participants, Traditional Future is a vibrant evening that reveals the intensity of a deeply rooted culture and compelling contemporary voice. Traditional Future, first produced by Fashion Design icon, Pierre Cardin, asks the question of how to evolve Tradition towards Modernity without obliterating one’s tracks, without betraying one’s roots?

Anuang’a, an atypical and self-taught dancer/choreographer (autodidact) is supported and inspired by the Maasai songs, ancestral memory, and vocal rhythmic power for his gestural vocabulary and stark, stunning physical storytelling.  His work calls on the collective memory, the oral memory – Imagine a book opening on the Savannah where the text is the song, the image is the dance.

Video clip:

Photo of Fernando Anuang'a leading a dance workshop

Due to circumstances beyond our control this program has been postponed. We are anticipating a March or July return.


African Connections – Celebrating Black History Month

Sunday, January 29: 11am-1pm – Rotary Fieldhouse (Nanaimo)
Monday, January 30: 6pm-8pm – TBD
Tuesday, January 31: 6pm-8pm – Rotary Fieldhouse (Nanaimo)

$45 for entire residency, $25 drop in

Fernando Anuang´a, born and raised in Kenya, will share his knowledge and expertise in a 3-day residency. Fusion: Maasai/Contemporary Dance Residency – open to all dancers

Explore the Maasai body wave and the connection between flowing breathing voices and Undulating Torso Movements. Exhale and inhale in a rhythmic pattern to release tension, and produce overall wellness. We will explore:
– History of Maasai dance & songs
– Discover the Maasai gestures through vocal rhythm (respiration)
– Undulation body movement to rhythmic breathing voices
– Initiation to Maasai leaps (jumps).

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