The Sun and the Moon

Photo of Sun and Moon performer Genevieve Johnson
The Sun and the Moon Holly Bright

The Sun and the Moon – A Creation Story – A Love Story based on the book of the same name by Snuneymuxw Author, Celestine Aleck

April 8, 7:30pm, Port Theatre

The Sun and the Moon is a dance work by Holly Bright based on a contemporary creation story by Snuneymuxw author, Celestine Aleck, and created with the talented and magical input of dance artists, Genevieve Johnson and Nicola Jackson.

It is a creation story. A story about why the Sun and the Moon follow each other. A story of love and the arc it paints in the sky. When next you witness a sunrise, sunset, an eclipse, a meeting of these two beings, remember that the Sun and the Moon will always love each other as well as this planet on which their children thrive.

Created by Holly Bright and collaborators/performers, Genevieve Johnson and Nicola Jackson

Original score composed by Wayne Lavallee

Costume design and construction by Graham McMonagle

Lighting Design by John Carter

Video Design by Chimerik 似不像

Produced with the support of the BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Hamber Foundation

Special thanks to Snuneymxuw elders, Lorraine Good and Melvin Good, Fine Balance Studio, dramaturgical contributors: Jo Leslie, Lynda Adams and exploratory contributors: Chiara Ackerman, Samantha Letourneau and Myriam Verzat.

“Working with these artists and this design team is awe-inspiring even as we remount the piece 4 years later for our performances at Vancouver International Dance Festival (February) and Nanaimo, April 8. The dancers and design team are talented and generous. Celestine attended rehearsals, guiding, inputting, witnessing. The invitation by her to create this work has been a gift that has brought joy, healing, laughter and that deep, sweaty, fulfilling creative process to each of us. Ci:t Shqwalawun. I am grateful from my heart for this project.” Holly Bright

Opening the evening’s program is Nanaimo Contemporary Ballet performing two short pieces originally created for Sumsháthut Solstice Festival and Xwi’xwi’em, these dances are choreographed by NCB Director, Chantelle Ristine, to the music of William Good and Ay Lelum – The Good House of Design.

Premier Performance InFrinGinG Dance Festival, 2018, Port Theatre, Nanaimo

Dancing On The Edge Festival: July 9 & 11, 2018

Vancouver International Dance Festival: February 24, 25, 26, 2022

Crimson Coast MainStage Series: April 8, 2022, Port Theatre, Nanaimo

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