One World Rhythms

One World Rhythms

Community, cross-cultural drum circle

Thursday, July 11 @ 6:30 – 8:00pm

Night Market Stage | Night Market, Bastion + Commercial Street


Curated by Vancouver Island Bhangra’s, Sukhi Sangha with Dave McGrath
Bring your drum, chair and REPRESENT!

Join us as we blend diverse drum beats from around the world in a unique cross-cultural drum circle. Our mission is to build community, one rhythm at a time, resonating with love, joy, and abundance that echoes globally. Celebrate the start of summer and the outdoor kickoff of the InFrinGinG Dance Festival with our vibrant rhythmic tapestry.

This annual festival favourite invites you to join Dave McGrath, Dhol Nation Alliance, and Quuia Charleson of Hishuk’ish Tswalk, in an interactive rhythmic adventure. Discover the transformative power of hand drumming and its profound impact on your life! Bring your own chair and drum or try one of ours. With 30 years of experience, Dave McGrath, has studied with masters from West Africa, Brazil, and Cuba, bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion to the circle.

Some Djembe drums will be available for those eager to participate, yet feel free to bring your own as well as a chair. We look forward to this annual gathering of our community.

Building Community, One Beat at a Time!

Dhol Nation Alliance:

Founded in 2002, the Dhol Nation Alliance group envisioned illustrating the essence of the Punjabi culture through a traditional Punjabi instrument called the Dhol. This particular group of dhol players is dedicated to showcasing this vibrant instrument and putting on an unforgettable performance.
The creation of this beautiful instrument dates as far back as the 15thcentury. This instrument was originally played to lift the spirits of farmers. The instrument is constructed of wood and has two opposite sides that, when struck with bamboo sticks, create a treble and bass sound; in the drum world, it is classified as a Membranophone. Many sequences are played on the dhol, and only a few teachers still teach traditional dhol playing.

The Dhol Nation Alliance team comprises many skilled dhol players who have learned and mastered the art of dhol playing. As a collective, they are known as one of the premier dhol groups on the continent. They have performed on some of the most prominent sold-out stages in British Columbia, such as at Rogers Arena, Plaza of Nations, Queen Elizebeth Theater, the Orpheum, Canada Place and many more. Dhol Nation Alliance are the official Dhol Drummers of the Vancouver Canucks. They are known for their versatility, superior playing style, energy and stage presence. This collective of Dhol Players is determined to showcase the true art of Punjab and create a vibrant experience.

Vancouver Island Bhangra:

At Vancouver Island Bhangra, our purpose is to be the radiant heart of our community, sharing the exuberance and vitality of Bhangra to uplift spirits and promote a culture of joy and positivity. Through the rhythms of bhangra dance, the aim is to foster unity, inclusivity, and happiness among people of all backgrounds. Founded in 2021 by Sukhi Sangha, she became an established figure for South Asian Arts and Bhangra fitness on Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island Bhangra’s community contributions have enriched Nanaimo’s cultural tapestry, introducing South Asian Arts to Vancouver Island at large. The Bhangra fitness classes offered through the City of Nanaimo inspire young and mature participants alike, further demonstrating the commitment to Nanaimo’s health and wellness. Vancouver Island Bhangra is proud to introduce Central Vancouver Island’s first ever Girls Bhangra Team!

Dave McGrath

With 30 years of experience, Dave McGrath, affectionately known as ‘voodoo Dave’, has studied with masters from West Africa, Brazil, and Cuba, bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion to the circle. 
For over 22 years Dave has single-handedly built the drum culture in Nanaimo, and this has spread across the island. He leads weekly circles as well as gatherings for various community and civic events.

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