Le Souffle de l’Aube

Photo of two dancers on a rocky beach
Le Souffle de l’Aube
Compagnie Fleuve-Espace Danse (Quebec)
(Fr & En)

5:30am to 6:45am with breakfast and Nanaimo’s best coffee by White Rabbit Cafe  Pipers Lagoon – $35

Le Souffle de l’Aube (The Breath of Dawn) is an invitation to experience the daily rebirth of the sun at dawn.  Guided by Chantal Caron, participants embody a collective tribute to the natural world that surrounds them, awakening and opening their minds to performances inspired by natural elements like rocks, wind, trees, and birds.  The spectators will be led to three locations where the performers await them to greet the dawn.  Through this experience, spectators are encouraged to re-engage their connection to nature, movement and contemplation.

Participants will meet and be guided through gentle awakening movements and then led on a journey along the park to witness a full performance dispersed over three locations – in walking distance. After we will enjoy breakfast.

Please print and bring your tickets or proof of purchase on your device.

https://vimeo.com/189193032, https://vimeo.com/637135454/14929cf339

$35.Tickets include breakfast from White Rabbit Coffee Co. onsite. Includes gluten free options!

Performance location: Piper’s Lagoon, meet at Parking lot

crédit photo: Emie-Liza Caron St-Pierre -Interprètes: Marie-Ève Demers et Marie-Maude Michaud

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