In Ward | EbnFloh (Montreal)

Photo of several dancers in white circling a dancer in a red hoodie
In Ward EbnFloh (Montreal)

8pm-9pm | Audience to Artist Talkback 9pm-9:30pm

Performance venue: Port Theatre

Tickets available at the Port Theatre,  $35

In Ward, a street dance creation that plumbs the depths of complex relations with all the dramatic tension and humour of humans grappling for hope. Performed by Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé and an artistic team of 6 highly skilled dancers and sound design by renowned Hip-Hop beat maker and producer, Shash’U ( Artistic Advisors: choreographers Anne Plamondon and Helen Simard.

Ebnflōh (pronounced Ebenflo), the name of her dance company, comes from the English expression “to ebb and flow” denoting action and reaction, rising and falling, the constant and everchanging movement of the tides. As with waves lapping up and receding, the company’s choreographic language is steeped in its fluidity of movement and Spicey’s intention for her choreography to remain true and faithful to the base of Hip-Hop’s origins.

Ebnfloh seeks to connect all generations and individuals within the culture of Hip-Hop by giving the medium authentic exposure. It also aims to gain better recognition for street dance through the media, and the Arts milieu. By putting forth a novel choreographic language that is deeply rooted in the spirit of Hip-Hop, the company presents its creations throughout Québec, Canada, and abroad.

Photo of a dancer dressed in white
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