Evolutions – Margie Gillis Legacy Project

Evolutions Margie Gillis Legacy Project
Margie Gillis

Saturday, October 12th, 2019 | 7:30 PM

The Port Theatre

“The point is Love; the point is Transformation and Wisdom; the point is Touching the Source and the Soul of others.” – Margie Gillis

The first show in Crimson Coast Dance Society’s 22nd season welcomes the extraordinary dance artist and Nanaimo favourite, Margie Gillis.

Evolutions is an evening of dances featuring the legend herself, grand dame of dance, Margie Gillis, alongside accomplished dance artists interpreting gender re-imagined selections of her solo repertoire that span four decades. Evolutions represents Gillis’ legacy – the passing on of knowledge, skill and insights, and the gifting of solos she created specifically for herself to next generation artists – men and women – who will evolve and share them according to their own lived experiences of life, loss, love and resilience.

Evolutions offers a new tour concept: a transcendental and transformative adventure for audiences, with the fluidity and distinctiveness associated with Margie Gillis. In each show, Margie will be accompanied by nine Legacy Project dancers. Audiences will be offered an entirely singular experience, depending on the composition of the group performing. Spectators will be transported through a selection of works from Margie’s prolific repertoire, both in solos and group dances, interpreted acknowledging the individuality of each dancer’s experience. Every show will include new choreographies and a Margie Gillis solo performance.

Margie Gillis Legacy Project

Saturday, October 12th, 2019 | The Port Theatre | 7:30 PM

J.S. Bach
Marianne Faithfull
Eugene Friesen
G.F. Händel
Erich Kory

Pierre Lavoie

Denis Gagnon
Marie-Claude Jalbert
Anni Khun
Marie Saint Pierre

Alexandra Caron
Marc Daigle
Caitlin Griffin
Ruth Naomi Levin
Troy Ogilvie
Susan Paulson
Neil Sochasky

General Public
Duration: 75 minutes
Year of Creation: 2017

Event Details
Event Details