Domingo de fiesta

Domingo de fiesta | A Sunday of Celebration
Curated by Cristian Alejandro Zurita

Start your day with Swing and Sway. sets the day in a whirl and is followed by local performers offering presentations, classes and social dance in Salsa, Samba, Capoeira, Hip Hop, Latin Fitness, Swing, Urban Kiz. Guest teachers; Alejandro Zurita, Alicia Fennell, VIBE Dance, Walewska Mendoza, Josh Colman, UK Movez, David Seath and DJ Javier Ciccone!


11am Kutapira: Fusion! Zimbabwean Marimba, Afro-Cuban & West African rhythms, Reggae, Samba, Afrobeat, Funk, Jazz, Cumbia, Disco and Hip Hop all contribute to a fusion of styles intelligently selected, seamlessly blended.

12pm Carnation Ceremony: Celebrating the lives of survivors, offering hope to those still battling cancer, and honouring those who tragically have lost the battle to the disease Nanaimo’s DragonBoat Festival continues the tradition (Swy-A-Lana Lagoon)

12:30pm Salsa Dancing in Nanaimo instructor, Cristian Alejandro Zurita, teaches and demonstrates with his colleagues with live music by DJ Javier Ciccone

1:00pm Latin Fitness – who knew fit could be so much fun!  Authentic Latin dance taught by the one & only Walewska Mendoza with live music by DJ Javier Ciccone

1:30pm Axe Capoeira Axe Capoeira Comox Valley Presentation & Workshop presented by Instrutora Onça

2:30pm Forbidden Dance Company (Courtenay): A compilation of bellydance forms including; An Egyptian drum solo, group fusion dance to a traditional European folk song, and a veil performance

3:00pm  VIBE Dance Studios hip hop and street dancers throw it down 

3:30pm Harbour City Swing with Josh Colman. Come learn a historic jazz routine and see a Swingin’ Lindy Hop Demo!

4:00pm Urban Kiz demo and lessons with David Seath. A style of dance, having branched from Kizomba, that is social, fun and hot in Nanaimo.

This event is FREE. Donations welcome! Maffeo Sutton Park

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