Container & The Other Half Action at a Distance

Container & The Other Half Action at a Distance
Container and The Other Half - Event Photo

November 30th, 2019   |   7:30 PM

Malaspina Theatre at VIU

Container & The Other Half a double bill featuring two bold and exciting works from Action at a Distance, performed by Vanessa Goodman & Belinda McGuire.

Container is a solo work by choreographer and performer Vanessa Goodman that explores heritage, culture and resistance.

The Other Half is a collaboration between Vanessa and Belinda as they revisit the shared muscle memory of their youth as a starting point to create a new duet that views their physicality through the prism of an immune system.

“Even though we hadn’t danced together for over a decade, it was clear that we have a shared history that is still informing and inspiring my choreographic practice to this day. It was remarkable to witness traces of my own history in her system.” – Vanessa Goodman

The shared antibodies of their past fuse with a new collection of pathogens to play off the harmony and conflict of two bodies as familiar with one another as they are foreign. By working to see the world through each other’s eyes in “The Other Half,” they find ways to re-compose and re-experience what it is like to be one another.

Container & The Other Half
Action at a Distance

Saturday, November 30th, 2019 | Malaspina Theatre | 7:30 PM

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