What saved me (and still is) from insanity as I have to rest and rest and rest for recovery, is my creative process still being stimulated:

  • through the articulation of this blog
  • as well as all the short films
  • video/audio exercises
  • soundscapes
  • photographies

I have been creating in the meantime…

NestS PartS

Found objects used in exercise at the end of this blog

Keeping Creativity in Action However Small

The more we stimulate our creativity, the more we create; and the more we create, the more opportunities will open for our work to happen in the world.

An artist needs to concretely make art pieces (it be painting, writing, choreographing…) in order for it to be fully realised at one point.

The more the better. Practice. Practice. Practice.
It won’t all be good and that’s alright!
But it will take form and precision over time, shaping itself closer to what you envision.

My Own Concrete Actions

In preparation for my long recovery – and to keep my creativity sparked even in regular time – I followed filmmaker Robert David Duncan’s first recommendation:

Filming mini events ALL the time.

(in his book “Micro Short Filmmaking: a guided learning journey”) •

Have your phone with you and film, film, film!
Very short sequences: 10 to 60 seconds

Keep an eye open for what interests you and is linked to your art:
I film what sparks movement, poetry in motion, imperfection, vulnerability…

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So before surgery, I packed up as much footage of
nature events,
objects and their micro installations in space,
sound walks,
short poems in motion,
movement improvisations outdoor and indoor…

Most of them without a specific plan in mind.

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Now I have all the time in the world to create with them. Short and Micro-short films.
(I started to film again on a smaller scale and add these to the mix…)

Sometime for me, these also become micro performances.
Micro-short poems in motion.

You can do the same in order to keep your creative mind in action.

Creating Micro-Short Films

Robert David Duncan’s second recommendation is to use what you have at hand.

Your phone camera
Free editing app like Videoleap or IMovie
Free sound recording app like Voice Memos

Then follow his simple but very efficient recipe summarized here:

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Film all the time: 10 to 60 seconds sequences
Look for things that inspire you or catch them when they unexpectedly happen
Choose 1 to 3 sequences you like
Write and record a sentence/text around what you experience in these sequences
Add these things together using a free editing app


Think about themes, ideas you care about (your art can be in the center of it all)
Look for these themes happening around you
Film 10 to 60 seconds sequences of what you find
Choose 1 to 3 sequences you like
Write and record a sentence/text around what you experience in these sequences
Add these things together using a free editing app

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From a dance point of view, I will add:

Look for and film what inspires you movement / things dancing in nature / yourself moving in short poems in motion inspired by your themes / yourself and others responding in movement to elements around you…

Below are 3 examples of raw filmed material that inspire me:

My Screendance Creation Exercise

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Find an object

Film it becoming (alone or assembled) 10-60 sec
Film yourself moving – with or without the object – but inspired by it 10-60 sec
Write a sentence or few words that speak of what you experienced
Or about what the video footage or object makes you think about
Record your voice and/or ambience sounds – choose royalty-free music
Edit all these together
(You should have no longer than 2 minutes of film)

Give it a title

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(I used the objects you see in the first pictures at the top of the blog…)

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by Geneviéve Johnson

le joug du calcaire
oublie la porte
et son secret

caterpillars nest
until dawn breaks

en corde de violon


ver à soie
dans son cocon

until dawn

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I would love to see your creation

Send a YouTube or Vimeo link via the private form below

    Faune by Geneviève Johnson
    Actress, Dancer, and Choreographer
    Giron Sami Teahter

    The Sámi People’s Theater, Giron Sámi Teáhter