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About Crimson Coast Dance Society

Crimson Coast Dance Society has produced cutting edge professional dance and live performance – by visiting and local artists – in Nanaimo, BC since 1998.

Crimson Coast Dance Society brings a diverse range of high-calibre dance experiences to the Nanaimo area which feature contemporary, cultural, street or fusion genre. We deliver inclusive performances and educational opportunities at both the grassroots and professional levels, and strive to represent the diversity of our the audience, community, and performers. Crimson Coast views difference as our biggest asset and inspiration.

Body Talk Youth Program - Indigenous Youth Facilitator

Body Talk Youth Program – Indigenous Youth Facilitator (PDF)

12 to 20hr/wk negotiable, $20/hr

Position begins upon hiring through June 2023

About Crimson Coast Dance Society

Crimson Coast Dance Society is seeking a Support Facilitator for the Body Talk Cru Youth Program. This role will work with the Lead Facilitator, Ecko Aleck within her Sacred Matriarch Creative land-based models of well-being for a decolonized seasonal program. The Body Talk Cru is a youth council “earn while you learn” creative and performance art mentorship opportunity. This role will support the yearly, seasonal and moon cycle tasks to deliver the program through a trauma-informed lens.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Support the role of the Lead Facilitator, the Program Director and any volunteers appointed by the Society
  • Meet – on zoom, or covid-safely – with Ecko and/or the Society’s Artistic Director as requested and agreed.
  • Submit written comments (or report) after event by June 23, 2023.
  • Maintain communication with Cru members, at least once per week, by direct – covid safe – contact, eg/Facebook, messenger, or phone call, for the purpose of doing the business of the Body Talk Program and with respect to tasks and timelines relative to the Event and ancillary promotional events.
  • Arrange to provide suitable refreshments for the Cru for all meetings and events in which Cru members participate (to be paid for by the Society). Or organize Cru to do same.
  • Ensure Cru have transportation arrangements to and from Cru meetings and Body Talk program events and are available to attend all scheduled activities and meetings.
  • Through advance planning or in the moment at meetings, contextualize activities discipline/guidance, within First Nations protocol during Cru meetings. Point out this guidance to the youth as appropriate.
  • Support the members of the Body Talk Cru in activities at weekly meetings.
  • Encourage the Cru members to engage family and friends in the Event and any other Society events that are appropriate to their age group, during the contract.
  • Work with Ecko Aleck to determine other and varied responsibilities for each week and/or for the entire length of the program.

Skill Requirements

  • Ability to effectively use computer programs such as Word, Google Suite and Calendar Booking
  • Willingness to learn new project management software and creative software used for the Program
  • Excellent communication skills through phone call, email or social media messaging
  • Have previous trauma informed facilitation skills and be able to facilitate solo for small group activities and under pressure during seasonal Body Talk event
  • Preference for applicant to have a vehicle to support running errands in prep of weekly meetings and promotional season leading up to Body Talk event

How to Apply

Please submit letter of interest and resume to

Currently, there are no Canada Summer Jobs Positions available.

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