Dance Class with EBNFLOH (Fr & En)

Dance Class with
(Fr & En)
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Wednesday, July 6th, $20

Location: Vibrant Dance Studios, 1969 Boxwood Road

Time: 11am-12:30pm

An amazing Dance Class with EBNFLOH!

With over 18 years of experience as a Hip Hop dance teacher, Spicey and Company have specialized in transmitting knowledge about the culture, technique and foundation of this dance in relations to the music. Elements that we incorporated in the workshops:

History of Hip Hop culture and dance

• Physical training and warm up

• Groove to soul or funk music

• Hip hop techniques like footwork, body rocks, party dances

• 70’s social dances

• Musicality and how to understand music through movement.

• Choreography on specific styles or a mix of several hip Hop Dance styles

• Freestyle exploration and techniques

• Integration of dramaturgy in dance and pushing boundaries

• Choreographic sequences embedded in Ebnflōh’s signature

These workshops are for all ages and general public and/or semi-professional dancer. All company members take part of the classes and assist the choreographer. We may offer floorwork, Krumping and Popping.

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